Smoked Spanish Chorizo Recipe

This recipe is for chorizo in the Spanish style, dried and cured. The signature chorizo colour comes from paprika in this case, but in Mexican Chorizo, it’s more from chilies.


1 Kg pork butt

½ Kg beef (I used some extra chuck scrap I had)

38 G Kosher salt

15 G garlic - minced

5 G cure no. 2

5 G white sugar

5 G brown sugar

3 G oregano

30 G paprika

7.5 G chili powder

1 G mondo start culture

100 Ml dry white wine (I used Chardonnay)

Hog casing

Bradley Flavour Bisquettes – Oak


Cube pork and beef.

Combine with all seasoning, spices, culture and cure no. 2 together.

Marinate overnight.

Transfer to freezer, until just barely frozen.

Soak hog casing in fresh water for 30 minutes and flush with water.

Grind meat with coarse grade.

Mix thoroughly with white wine until well incorporated.

Stuff casing and twist into links.

Sterilize a needle and poke any air holes. Prick evenly to facilitate drying.

Weigh out Chorizo and note original weight.

Ferment chorizo at 65-75°F in 90% relative humidity for 48 hours.

Cold smoke chorizo for 4 hours with Oak bisquettes.

Dry Chorizo at 50–60°F and 80-85% relative humidity for first week, then 75% humidity for the final week.

Dry until 35-50% of the original weight is lost, should take approximately 2 weeks to dry.


Oak Wood Bisquettes

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