Dry Cured Smoked Italian Sausage Recipe

This Dry Cured Smoked Italian Sausage Recipe is basically the one from the book “Great Sausage Recipes and Meat Curing” by Rytek Kutas. Although it works just fine, it’s possible to make some adjustments. For example, the ingredient I have is “Bactoferm F-RM-52”, but I think fermento may be easier to work with. As for the casing and casing size I’ve found that natural hog casings will give the best results. The collagen ones, sometimes, dry and break off where you hang them. You could use a 32-34 mil casing and have sausage ready to eat in 20-30 days. And/or you may want to try beef middles 50/60 mil to make salami out of your recipe. This could take 30 - 50 days till ready.


10 Lb pork butts

7 Tbsp salt

2 Tsp Insta Cure No 2

1 Tbsp cracked fennel seed

4 Tbsp powdered dextrose

3 Tbsp ground cayenne pepper

5 Tbsp corn syrup solids

1 Tbsp ground coriander


Grind pork through a ¾″ grinder plate.

Add remaining ingredients and mix well until evenly distributed.

Pack meat mixtures in pans not more than 6″ high, packing tightly to omit air pockets.

Place meat in 38-40°F (3.3°C-4.4°C) cooler for 48 hours.

Then re-grind meat through 3/16″ grinder plate and stuff into 35-38 mm hog casings.

Place sausage in a drying room at about 60°F with a relative humidity of 65-70% for 48 hours.

Then put sausage in a 38-40°F (3.3°C-4.4°C) cooler and allow to cure for 20 days before using.

Your cooler should also have a relative humidity of 60-70% during these 20 days.