Coppa Curing Recipe

There are many ways to make Coppa with whole muscle or cubed, aka Capicola. I prepared this Coppa Curing recipe out of a 9.9 lb butt I had in the fridge. I cut the muscle meat from the opposite side of the blade. It was close to 5 lb but after trim and I ended up with 4.8 lb. Here is the ingredients I’m using and definitely weigh in grams.


About 5 lbs of muscle meat

To cure it, I used Cure # 2

USING CURE #2. If you don’t know how this cure works, please read on it

Weigh in grams


Mix all ground (try to save half for later)

Rub cure/spice mix very well on meat and get into all open areas.

Wrap real good and try to push out as much air as you can.

This will fridge for 9-10 days. Be sure to flip this daily.

You may use the remainder of the cure mix after the firsts 9-10 days, and put back in fridge for another 9 days.

After that, rinse the meat and air dry for 3-4 hours. While it’s drying, you can make a hot or sweet rub to apply before you stuff.

Normally beef bungs are used, but I have some large 90-100mm casings I will use. Or else some protein lined casings. Also mold 600 is opt.

After the 9 days, rinse the coppa good, pat it dry and let it air dry for an hour, before going in the drybag.