Simple Cold Smoked Salmon Recipe

OK, I admit it. Whitetailfan has no idea what good smoked salmon should taste like. I grew up with cows and pigs, and some other animals we never ate, but here in southern Alberta there was no “handy” salmon, so I have eaten very little. But I tried some anyway, and I’m kinda proud of it – i.e. it tastes good to me so, here’s what I did.


2 Frozen “Wild Atlantic Salmon Fillets” just under 1 kg each, or about ½ pound (product of China)

2 Tsp Tenderquik per fillet

Additional Seasonings – add to your taste:

Garlic powder

Onion powder

Seasoning salt

Parsley for colour

Lemon pepper - This item is an additional ingredient suggested and used by Crazy Canuck. It is not part of Whitetailfan’s original recipe.


Apply Tenderquik to flesh of Salmon

After 12 hours, wash Tenderquik off of Salmon (freshen them)

Set out to dry in the refrigerator – 4 to 6 hours until fish is tacky to touch.

Cold smoke with maple for 2 hours. The temperature was always below 100ºF.

Place back into the refrigerator for 24 hours


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