Hickory Smoked Beef Jerky Recipe

Try this Hickory Smoked Beef Jerky Recipe. All the salt in the soy sauce and teriyaki will act as a cure for the meat. After marinating, smoke/dry in some hickory at 160ºF for 6 to 8 hours. This does about 5lb of meat. I’ve used eye of round, but it does a really nice job if you use brisket as well. Some don’t like teriyaki, but this is definitely worth a try. Add more cayenne or hot sauce to the cure, if you like a little more heat. Or you can sprinkle pepper or ground pepper flakes on the slices before you dry them in the smoker.

All ingredients can be more or less as you desire to your own taste except soy & Worcestershire, which can be more. You must have enough liquid to cover meat. Brown sugar and corn syrup or molasses can be to taste for sweetness, or not used at all.


Some eye of round cut 3/16 of an inch thick

15 - 20 Oz soy sauce - any brand

15 Oz worcestershire sauce - Lea & Perrins - preferred

15 - 20 Oz teriyaki sauce - any brand

2 - 4 Tbsp dark brown sugar - any brand

2 - 4 Tbsp garlic powder - any brand

2 - 4 Tbsp onion powder - any brand

2 - 4 Tbsp cayenne pepper- any brand

5 Oz bottle Liquid Smoke - any brand any type - you can omit this if you are smoking the meat.

2 - 4 Oz dark corn syrup or molasses for even more flavor – Any brand

1 Very sharp knife


Add all liquid ingredients into a container. With a lid is preferred, or cover with a plastic wrap.

Now add all other ingredients into the container and stir frequently.

Trim as much fat as possible off the brisket or desired meat. It is the fat on the meat that will go bad (rancid) not the meat.

The meat is to be sliced with the grain as thin as possible (approx. 3/16″).

To aid in slicing meat thinly, freeze until ice crystals are formed.

This allows for more slices and a quicker drying time. Place into marinade as sliced.

Make sure all meat is covered with the ingredients and stir occasionally to ensure all areas of meat have been exposed to the marinade.

Cover and refrigerate for 24 hours or more, occasionally shaking or stirring the meat at least 2 more times.

After marinating, smoke/dry in some hickory at 160ºF for 6 to 8 hours.


Hickory Wood Bisquettes

The strong and sweet flavour of Hickory Bisquettes make it one of the more popular woods for smoking, and especially pairs well with poultry, beef, pork, game, water fowl, nuts, and cheese.

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