Types of Seasoning for Barbecue

Posted on: January 16, 2023

Barbeque is one of the oldest forms of cooking meat. Originally it was mainly used as a natural way to preserve food but now barbequed meat has a separate fan base. The smoky flavor of the tender juicy steak can make anyone drool. With this comes the importance of seasoning. Be it food smoking or grilling, seasoning plays an important part in enhancing the flavor and taste of every barbequed food.

Here we are going to talk about 8 natural seasonings for a barbeque but first, let’s check out the two basic types of seasoning; dry and wet seasoning.

Dry seasoning

Dry-type seasoning is basically a mix of different spices or herbs that is smeared on the raw food before barbequing. It can be applied as a rub for meat, fish, and poultry. The dry seasoning mixes with the juice secreted by meat during smoking or grilling to add more flavor to it.

Wet seasoning

Wet-type seasoning is generally prepared by mixing the dry seasoning with oil or any juice. This seasoning should be smeared all over the raw food covering it evenly from all sides. Besides enhancing the smoky flavor, wet seasoning also adds tenderness to barbequed food.

8 spice seasonings for barbeque

The main idea behind seasoning foods is to add a sweet and spicy flavor to them. Seasoning also helps to enhance the smoky flavor of the food. Here are 8 simple organic seasonings for barbeque that anyone can try.

#1. Salt

This is the most common and basic seasoning used in barbeque. Apart from enhancing the flavor of the food, salt helps in faster cooking. Salt must be used in the right proportion to the meat cut to avoid turning it too salty.

#2. Pepper

Next to salt is pepper as the most used ingredient for seasoning food. Just like salt, pepper also enhances the flavor of the food and helps to absorb heat for faster cooking. Pepper is available as finely ground powder or peppercorns. It also combines well with citrus and spicy flavors.

#3. Seed type spices

Seeds of mustard, coriander, cumin, fennel, and celery can be finely ground and used for seasoning barbeque foods. These seeds have unique flavors that enhance the taste of smoked or grilled foods.

#4. Paprika

Paprika is a common spice used in every kitchen. These tiny red pepper pods are finely grounded into powder to be used as a seasoning in barbeque. Paprika adds a hot and spicy flavor with mild sweetness.

#5. Chili

For those who love their smoked food really hot and spicy, chili seasoning can be a good option. Chili can be used in dry powder or flakes form. You can get chili in different varieties like chipotle or cayenne but make sure to use the right quantity.

#6. Garlic and Onion

We all know how wonderfully garlic and onion pair well with almost any type of meat preparation. The same goes for food smoking and grilling. However, for barbeque seasoning you cannot use the real thing, instead, use the powder form of both. It adds a mild sweetness and zestiness to the food.

#7. Herbs mix

Herbs like basil, cilantro, sage, oregano, rosemary, etc. possess some exquisite flavor of their own. You can use any one of these herbs or a blend of two or more herbs as a seasoning for barbeque. Herbs seasoning not only adds flavor to smoked or grilled food but also enhances the taste and smell of it.

#8. Cinnamon

Cinnamon adds a unique woody flavor with a mild sweetness to the barbequed food. It is mostly used in powder form for barbeque rub or seasoning.

Best way to barbeque food

Most of us are confused when we have to choose between food smoking and grilling. This is because we are not sure which one will suit our requirements. So here is a brief on food smoking and grilling to help you decide which will serve your needs.

Food smoking

In this process, a food smoker is used to cook the food in hot smoke. Smoking imparts a rich smoky flavor to the food when compared to grilling. Foods like meat, fish, and poultry are the best options to pick for smoking.


In this process, the food is grilled in direct heat. It is a faster process of cooking but the flavor is not as good. Any type of food can be grilled be it meat, fish, or even vegetables.

Choosing the right food smoker

Not every food smoker will give you the best smoking experience. A dedicated food smoker with advanced features and design is what famous pitmasters rely on.

Bradley Smoker comes with digital controls, dual heating elements, and an auto-feed system that makes food smoking a relaxing experience for beginners and masters alike.

It performs best with Bradley Bisquettes, specially designed wood chips to burn longer and generate uniform heat. Bradley Bisquettes extinguish automatically before turning to ashes preventing the food from smelling foul.

For all those who dream of acing the art of food smoking, Bradley Smoker can be a great addition. It pretty much performs most of the functions on its own giving you a pro-food smoking experience. We hope these Bradley tips & tricks on barbeque seasoning and food smoking have encouraged you to don the apron.

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