The Best Cuts of Meat for Food Smoking and Grilling

Posted on: January 16, 2023

Here we will share some pitmaster-approved cuts of meat for food smoking and grilling along with expert tips and some must-have features of a pro food smoker.

Food Smoking

A perfect sizzling steak coming out of the food smoker can give you the feel of a champion pitmaster. The first step for perfection is choosing the cut of meat to add all the smoke flavor for your family and friends to devour.

Beef brisket

It is the lower part of the chest that is meaty and great for slow barbecue. The best thing about beef brisket is that it retains its shape after smoking unlike other cuts of beef. Preparing it at low temperature and smoke for 10 to 12 hours will result in a tender, moist and flavorful recipe! Here is a recipe for this cut.

Pork butt

This heavy meaty part is just perfect for slow food smoking. The pork butt is the upper part of the shoulder that forms a working muscle and is full of flavors. It has connective tissues that help to keep the meat tender and succulent after long hours of smoking. Here is a recipe for this cut.

Lamb leg

Another meaty part of the lamb that is preferred for slow smoking. Lamb leg is available in two different cuts. One is a fatty upper sirloin end and the other is a narrow shank end. The fatty upper sirloin cut is better for smoking and might take 3 to 4 hours to be completely cooked. Here is a recipe for this cut.

Chuck roast

Chuck roast is the part that forms the shoulder area of the beef. This heavy working muscle is full of flavors. It has a higher concentration of connective tissues that gradually melts with heat to secrete juice that keeps the meat tender and succulent after cooking. Here is a recipe for this cut.

Lamb shoulder

Lamb meat has a rich flavor that is enhanced by smoky overtones. The shoulder is the hardworking muscle of the animal that is densely packed with connective tissues. This helps the meat to stay tender and juicy even after slow smoking for a long time. Here is a recipe for this cut.

Beef prime rib

Beef Prime Rib is often mistaken with the popular ribeye. Formed by the forequarter of the beef that is the section between the 6th and 12th rib, from the chuck to the loin area. It takes around 6 hours to reach perfect doneness. Here is a recipe for this cut.


Food Grilling

When you think of a tender juicy steak on a burning charcoal grill, you definitely think of a rib-eye or a T-bone. However, there are other meat cuts too that pro-chefs prefer during festive meals or gourmet grilling.

We are going to share those lesser-known meat cuts for perfect grilling along with some grilling/ smoking tips and benefits.

Here are 6 perfect steak cuts apart from rib-eye and T-bone that are equally delicious when grilled.

Flat iron

The flat iron is the blade steak from the shoulder clod top. It is boneless with an average of 8 ounces each. It tastes great when seared over a high flame and then finished on a cooler grill.

Rib-eye cap

The rib-eye cap is also called Spinalis Dorsi. It is the beefy part above the rib-eye steak. This coveted cut should be grilled on high heat and then finish on medium doneness. Here’s a recipe for this cut.

Skirt steak

Skirt Steak is the most flavorful part of beef trimmed from the diaphragm. You can marinate it before grilling on high heat for faster cooking. You can serve it rolled or stuffed with vegetables or rice.


Porterhouse is a neighbor to the universal favorite T-bone. It is a larger tenderloin attached to the center bone that should be chopped in short loin sections for flavorful tender grilling.

Pork shoulder

Pork shoulder is a cut that has all the flavors of a working muscle. It is better not to overcook it to get that admirable tenderness. Marinate the meat with garlic, pepper, cumin, and paprika before quickly grilling over high. Here is a recipe for this cut.

Pork ribs

Pork ribs with the rib bones with flesh give a natural sweetness and tenderness to the steak. You can remove the bones after grilling the meat to ensure nothing comes in the way while taking a succulent bite. It tastes great with blue cheese and hot sauce. Here is a recipe for this cut.

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