Smoky Crispy Chicken Thighs

Posted on: January 11, 2023

So, it’s Saturday afternoon and I’m going over the chores that my wife clearly instructed me to do before she took of to spend a nice afternoon with her friends. Yeah you got that right, I got the short end of the stick this week.

Perfect for a Saturday Afternoon

Spending another Saturday fixing the gutter, getting those logs off our property, picking the kids up from practice is not my idea of fun. Order myself a nice tall glass of beer in the bar was more appealing.

Well, let’s get real. Who am I trying to fool? Although option one would actually be more beneficial to people around me, drinking beer is way more fun than mowing the lawn.

But then it hit me: Why not combine these chores with something I really LOVE to do: cook and eat (OK and drink).

So, instead of going to KFC, which is my usual Saturday noon routine before I start being useful, I followed this recipe:


Besides the two pounds of chicken thighs, that can be bone in or boneless and 0.25 pound of bacon, you’ll need two tbs chili, two tbs garlic salt, one spring onion chopped, one cup Panko Crumbs one egg and two tbs Bradley Maple Syrup.


Using maple wood, cold smoke the chicken thighs for one hour. In a bowl, mix the bacon, chili, spring onion and Panko crumbs in a blender, until the mix is consistent.
Mix the beaten egg with two tbs of Bradley Maple Syrup and dip the cold smoked chicken thighs into the mixture and coat it with the bacon Panko mix.
After the oven temperature reaches 400 F, cook for about 30 minutes or until done. Finally, smoke them for about 1.5 h.

What a great recipe to try out! It gives thighs an extra kick, and the smoky flavour makes it just perfect.
Serves 2