How Using Sawdust Can Benefit Your Progress In Food Smoking

Posted on: January 13, 2023

Food smoking is an old tradition to make your food more delicious and flavorful. Although there are many techniques you can use to smoke food, it all comes down to the result measure in taste, texture, and aroma for the most delicious smoked meats.

You can penetrate the smoke in various ways, but not all of them provide the same tender and juicy results you’re looking for.

Well, there is one big secret when it comes to smoking meat to perfection every time – using sawdust! A key component at play when heating the meat is the wood you choose. Depending upon the wood and the food smoker you are using, the smoke will give you different flavors and consistency in both heat and smoke.

If you ever experienced cutting wood, you will notice a large amount of sawdust, settling on the ground. Sawdust is a byproduct of wood and is great when it comes to penetrating smoke in the meat. It adds to the taste and doesn’t burn the upper surface of your meat. Sawdust of the right type and amount adds a rich flavor to the food you are cooking, and this guide will help you explore the ways you can use it for your benefit.

Why Sawdust?

Woodchips and other smoke sources can vary significantly in the amount of heat and smoke they give off which makes getting consistently delicious results from food smoking almost impossible. These woodchips that come from hardwood have a wide variation in both size and density. A few companies do make hardwood chips that are very close to uniform in size, but even then the density can be very different because they are made from natural hardwoods.

On the other hand, sawdust, when it is compressed correctly, is the ideal material to use for food smoking. It burns slow so you can use it for both cold and hot smoking to produce an even and consistent smoke. The material offers less heat and prevents the smoke ring from forming under the meat’s top layer. However, they need to be replenished fairly often since they turn black quicker than other materials.

You can use hardwood sawdust with all types of food smoking from delicate fish and chicken to tougher cuts like brisket.

Buying the Perfect Sawdust

Making the most from your cooking requires the supply of perfect sawdust, and this is where Bradley Bisquettes are here to help. Our bisquettes give you consistent and dry sawdust, which you can use for food smoking. However, these are not the same as the sawdust you get from the backyard. Our hardwood sawdust is compressed using a secret process to ensure every bisquette is perfectly uniform in shape and density. They are also specially designed to extinguish before they turn to ash as the smoke from the ash gives smoked meat a foul bitter taste. The Bradley Bisquettes will give you consistent heat and smoke so your meats turn out mouth-watering every time.

Enhanced Flavor

We offer our bisquettes in a variety of hardwood to give you enhanced flavor to your food. We offer traditional hardwoods such as oak, hickory, and maple along with lighter woods for a fruiter taste like apple, cherry, and pear. Of course, we also offer mesquite, the most prized hardwood of all for smoking.

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The advantage of Bradley Bisquettes

Many of our food smoker competitors brag about all of their features, but they don’t talk about the other important part of food smoking, the smoke! Bradley Smokers and Bisquettes give you the whole package so you get delicious tender and juicy smoked food every time. Best of all our system is designed to be a no hassle, no babysitting experience.

You may as how is this possible? The Bradley smoker uses automatic temperature controls, an automatic bisquette feeder, and other features to make food smoking as simple as setting a timer. These features are awesome, but the other half that makes these mouth-watering results possible time after time is the Bradley Bisquettes.

Here are the three important advantages of Bradley Bisquettes over other smoke sources:

  1. Consistent smoke: Our bisquettes are made from hardwood sawdust and compressed using our secret process so you can consistent smoke through the entire process whether it’s a short eight hour smoke or an extra long two day smoke.
  1. Consistent Heat: Because our bisquettes are 100% consistent in size and density, they give you the low and slow heat you need for hours to get tender and juicy results every time.
  1. Ash-free: This is what makes Bradley Bisquettes better than any food smoker. Our bisquettes are specially designed to extinguish before they turn to ash. This is important because when hardwood turns to ash, it releases chemicals that give your food a foul odor and bitter taste.

With Bradley Bisquettes, you will get delicious smoked food every time because we deliver the perfect amount of smoke and heat without the ash.

Final Thoughts

Food smoking is an old tradition because it adds an amazing amount of flavor. The Bradley Smoker and Bradley Bisquettes will make sure you have both important parts to make amazing smoked food every time with the best taste, texture, and aroma.

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