How to Use Your Food Smoker As an Oven

Posted on: January 16, 2023

Repurposing a used food smoker to use as an oven is popular among barbeque lovers. With a few changes, you can turn your food smoker into a functional oven to cook foods like pizza or baked macaroni. The food will taste way better than when cooked in an oven.

You can also use this method to turn your smoker into an oven if you are bored with smoked food and want to try something new in your smoker.

Convert your smoker into an oven

Follow these steps to convert your food smoker into an oven. The procedure works so well that you might even think of buying a smoker instead to have the best of both worlds.

Start the fire in the food smoker: This is the first step and it helps the inner chamber to heat up just like setting an oven on pre-heat mode. Let it reach a minimum temperature level that is similar to the oven.

Use wood/wood chips minimally: Keep a close eye on the amount of wood you are using. Remember, less wood may fail to generate the required amount of heat inside the smoker. Using too much wood or wood chips can produce a lot of smoke that you don’t want in an oven.

Keep the vent open: Generally, during food smoking, we keep the vent half-closed to balance the temperature inside the smoker and ensure the food is cooked in clean smoke. However, when you are trying to use your smoker as an oven, keep the vent completely open for all smoke to go outside the chamber. This will ensure that the food is cooked in the leftover heat and no smoky flavor is imparted to it.

A convenient way to convert a high-quality electric smoker into an oven

For quality food smokers designed with advanced features, you don’t have to go through all these steps. You can easily convert it into a fully functional oven without any hassle. The best example of this is the Bradley smoker.

Food smokers from Bradley Smoker come with dual heating elements, meaning that it has two separate burners for the oven and smoke. This awesome feature allows the Bradley Smoker to work as a hot smoker, cold smoker, oven, and dehydrator. For hot smoking, the smoker itself is sufficient to prepare any type of recipe that requires hot smoke for cooking. For cold smoking, you can attach the smoker to a cold smoking adapter and the Bradley smoker Bisquettes can be removed from the smokebox. When you need your smoker to function as an oven you can turn off the smoke burner and continue cooking with the oven burner.

Other advantages of using a high-quality food smoker

Bradley Smoker Digital 4 Rack Electric Smoker, 31", Silver

You can use Bradley smoker as a hot smoker, cold smoker, oven, and dehydrator to suit all types of cooking requirements. Food smokers like Bradley Smoker have other benefits too that can make your life easier during cookouts and barbeque sessions.

Digital interface

The user-friendly digital console allows pre-setting cooking time and temperature before you start smoking. The smoker will maintain the pre-set temperature throughout the cooking process until it reaches the pre-scheduled time limit.

Internal thermostat

The thermostat present inside the Bradley food smoker helps to regulate the temperature inside the chamber. It prevents slowing down the smoking process and helps cook in uniform heat.

Automatic bisquette feeding system

Bradley smoker comes with an automatic bisquette feeder that allows the smoker to work consistently for up to 10 hours (depends on the model) with some supervision. Once the wood chamber is filled, the user can relax and enjoy the party while the smoker continues to operate with some supervision.

Removable racks

Racks help in better utilization of the space inside the smoker but sometimes it can be a problem when you need more space inside the chamber. Removable racks are a perfect solution to this problem. Also, a removable rack facilitates easier cleaning inside the food smoker.

Bradley Bisquettes

Bradley Bisquettes are flavored wood pucks that produce flavored smoke to turn the food even more delicious. These Bisquettes are specially compressed to form wood sawdust discs of uniform thickness that burn for the precise time and extinguished automatically before turning to ashes.

Bradley Bisquettes comes in a range of flavors like oak, pecan, alder, apple, cherry, hickory, maple, etc. You can buy Bradley Bisquettes along with the Bradley food smoker. The tasty new flavors imparted on the food by these Bradley Bisquettes are nothing like anything. As a lover of smoked food, you will certainly enjoy these flavors. They ensure that you have a delightful food smoking experience. For more great Bradley tips and tricks, check out the awesome articles on our Bradley Smoker Food Smoking Blog.