Best Ways of Cleaning Your Grill And Food Smoker

Posted on: January 16, 2023

When it is time for barbecuing we need to take the important step of cleaning. It may seem a tedious task only if you don’t know these quick tips. Here we are going to share some quick ways of cleaning your grill, and your food smoker.

Best ways of cleaning your grill

#1: Open up the grill. First, if you disassemble most of the grill you have access to all the parts.

#2: Clean the interior. Wear your gloves and then move on to the interior of the grill also known as the grill box. This is where all the residue of the food accumulates and with time develops into hard-to-remove build-up. Scrape the gunk out with a knife or spatula.

#3: Clean the burner. The tubes are prone to clogs, especially in gas grills. This reduces the flame and slows down the cooking process. Grab a brush made of steel wire or nylon and gently scrub off the area. Start with the center and gradually move sideways.

#4: Clean grill grates. To clean the grill grates, fire the grill first. Assemble all the parts and fire up the grill covering the hood. After some time open the hood, turn the grill off and start scrubbing the grill gates with a non-bristle metal brush. This will remove all stubborn dirt right away.

#5: Prevent further build-up. Some practices can help to keep your grill free from dirt and grime in the future. Lightly grease your grill grates with cooking oil before firing up the grill, scrape the grates with a grill brush before and after cooking. Also, scrub a piece of raw onion on the grates, preventing build-up and ease the cleaning process after cooking.

Grill cleaning hacks

Now that you have a clear idea about the steps involved in cleaning the grill, we want to take this cleaning spree further with some hacks. Apart from soap and water, three other magic ingredients can make your grill shine.

Beer: It is an excellent ingredient that breaks down oil and grease. Just pour some beer on the grates, let it settle for some time, and then scrub it off with a grill brush.

Vinegar: Fill a spray bottle with some vinegar. Now spray it on the dirt and grime. Wait till it settles a little on the grill grate and interiors. Gently scrub off with a balled-up aluminum foil. It works great for all kinds of surfaces.

Onion: Certain enzymes found in raw onion can break down grease and oil. Take a half onion and rub it on the grill grates. Then scrub off with a brush to make it squeaky clean.

Best ways of cleaning your smoker

In fact, cleaning a food smoker is simple compared to a grill. Here are the steps of cleaning a smoker for a unique food smoking experience:

#1 First, remove the food rack and clean it in hot, soapy water. If required scrub off the build-up. It is also an option to just throw your Bradley Racks into the dishwasher, no hustle!

#2 Next, wash the drip bowl following the same process.

#3 Move on to the drip tray. This is where you will find the maximum dirt and grime. It requires some scrubbing and scraping to get rid of that grime. Don’t forget to use a brush here.

#4 Don’t miss the door seals. As dirt can build-up in the door as well. Wipe it off with warm soapy water for smooth opening and closing of the door.

#5 Scrape off the dirt of the bisquette burner with some sharp tool like a knife or spatula and then clean it with a cloth.

#6 Do not touch the interior of the food smoker. Just scrape off the black flakes and that’s all.

Easy and simple, that will help your smoker to last longer, and deliver awesome flavor to every recipe!

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