This Is Why You Need To Brine Your Food Before Smoking

Posted on: January 13, 2023

It is difficult to get a perfectly smoked steak that is tender and juicy. This makes pitmasters the star of every barbeque party. What we don’t know is the little secret that every pitmaster has. It is food brining. The process not only enhances the color and flavor of the food but also helps to preserve it naturally for a long time.

What is Brining?

Brining is the process of soaking the food, especially meat in a highly concentrated solution of salt and water (along with spices). The soaking continues for a long time to lock the moisture inside the food and to season it at the same time.

Benefits of Brining

Food brining is not a time-consuming method. Moreover, it requires some kind of food seasoning skills. Here are some of the benefits that make brining completely worth the time and effort.

1. Enhanced flavor: Brine helps meat to soak the fluid along with the salt and seasoning. As the salt and spices penetrate deep into the food, the flavor does not depreciate even after it is smoked.

2. Juicier food: The piece of meat absorbs the maximum amount of water during the brining process. This ensures that the meat does not completely lose its moisture and tenderness even when smoked.

3. Preservation: Brining prevents the growth of bacteria. It also delays the formation of toxic spores due to bacterial contamination. This helps to naturally preserve the food for a longer period.

Tips for perfect brining

Brining can be a little complicated for beginners. Getting to know the soaking time for the quantity and type of meat is the real game. To help you get the perfect succulent smoked steak here we are sharing some Bradley tips & tricks for wet brining.

Setting the container: There is no suggestion for any particular type of container to brine the meat. You just need to make sure that whatever container you use your meat or food should not be stuffed in it. In other words, the meat should be set loosely inside the container so that it can soak up the brine evenly from all sides.

Meat to brine ratio: The general rule that is followed everywhere says the brine should be 40 to 50 percent of the weight of the meat. However, it is better to start with 40% first. Check the meat after regular intervals to see if more brine is needed.

Brine preparation: Different types of meat require specific brine recipes. It is better to make a large batch of brine before starting the process. In case you are brining a large amount of meat in separate containers you will need additional brine to add once the meat soaks it up. The idea is to keep the meat immersed in the brine throughout the process.

Tips On Smoking Brined Meat

Brining does half the work of making your steak lip-smacking. The other half depends on your food smoker. A pro smoker goes a long way to give you that perfect tender juicy meat with an enhanced smoky flavor. Thankfully, Bradley Smoker has all the features of a pro food smoker that helps to excel in the art of food smoking with just a little effort. Here are a few tips on acing the art of food smoking with a pro smoker.

Top Points

Consistency: Your food smoker should cook the meat continuously maintaining a consistent heat. Inconsistent smoking can prolong the cooking process resulting in dried, overcooked, or undercooked meat. Bradley smoker comes with a large automatic feed system that can smoke continuously for up to 10 hours when completely loaded.

Controlled temperature: The food needs to be smoked at a target temperature to prevent overcooking or undercooking. Thankfully, Bradley Smoker has a digital interface that allows setting the exact temperature for smoking different types of foods.

Continuous steaming: A pro food smoker should have a separate water pan for simultaneously steaming the meat while it is smoked. It prevents drying out of the meat keeping it juicy and tender. Bradley Smoker comes with a large water pan that continues steaming on its own without much effort.

Flavored wood chips: Use flavored wood chips in the food smoker to create flavored smoke for cooking. This enhances the flavor of the food with a strong essence. Bradley Bisquettes are wood chips available in 17 different flavors that include whiskey, apple, cherry, alder, hickory, maple, and more. Bradley Bisquettes are specially designed to burn longer and produce uniform heat throughout.

Proper ventilation: A pro smoker should vent out the smoke coming from the food to maintain a uniform temperature inside. Also, the smoker should prevent excess smoke from escaping the chamber to save fuel and hasten the cooking process. Bradley Smoker has a magnetic door and top vent that efficiently serves both these purposes.

In Conclusion

Brining and food smoking complement each other. While the art of smoking and brining require certain skills and experience to reach a level of perfection, a few tips and tricks can always help beginners to know the basics.

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