Holiday Thoughts and Snacks

Posted on: January 12, 2023

Christmas is a mere day away. It’s funny here in Toronto. The weather has been so warm that Christmas crept up on me. Sure there have been decorations all over and Christmas music on the radio, but the mild temperatures have kept me from thinking too much about Christmas.

The nice thing about the balmy weather is that it is really comfortable to continue smoking. Don’t get me wrong – cold weather does not stop me from smoking, but I would rather not wear my winter coat if I don’t need to.

It’s Christmas Time in Toronto

There is no doubt that we are going to experience a green Christmas. I kind of like that actually, as not having to deal with snow makes it far easier and safer for travelling. Also, I expect that the kids will be in the yard playing catch and other outdoor activities. That is great as the inside gets crowded with all the family.

Smoked Snacks Recipes

This year, my family Christmas is at my brother’s house and he is preparing the main meal. So, he asked me to make some snacks and desserts. Since I love to utilize my smoker anytime I can, I have made a couple snack recipes. Great for the smoker and awesome for the holiday season, these recipes are the perfect choices for Christmas and the New Years.

Smoked Cheddar & Jalapeño Cookies

Smoked Bits and Bites

That is the great thing about the Bradley Smoker. There are so many possibilities where you can add and infuse smoke to your food. While these are just a couple ideas, I hope that they inspire you to get creative and use your Bradley Smoker during the holidays.

I wish you have a wonderful holiday season and that your Christmas and New Years are a great time with family and friends!

By Steve Clyka.