How To Smoke Game Day Snacks

Posted on: January 12, 2023

Throughout Fall and Winter, weekends are filled with football for our family. My son plays rep football and when we are not at practices or games, then we are watching football on TV. NCAA and NFL football get equal screen time in our house. The regular season of the NFL is over and the Superbowl is coming up. Unfortunately my team, the Atlanta Falcons, had a rough season and did not make the playoffs. That has not stopped me from enjoying some good playoff football though.

With a Bunch of Friends or By Yourself, Enjoy Game Day Snacks

One of the most important aspects of watching football is the snacks that go along with it. It does not matter if I am watching the game with a bunch of friends, my family or even just by myself, I love to have some good game day food on the table next to the couch. Having it within arms reach makes the game that much better!

Smoked Appetizers for a Perfect Game Day

For me, any collection of game day snacks MUST include something made in the Bradley Smoker. Usually, I include at least one thing that is smoked – sometimes more. There were even times when almost everything I served was all food out of the smoker. Those were good times!

Here are a few ideas for smoked appetizers:

  • Chicken wings are perfect for game day and these smoked ones have an awesome spicy rub.
  • Smoked meatballs are awesome and these pork meatballs are stuffed with cheddar and jalapeño.

What about gumbo? If it’s a cold day, then some warm soup will surely hit the spot and this recipe includes smoked sausage in gumbo!

The Bradley Smoker is great for making so many different types of dishes that go perfect alongside a good game of football. Smoked goodies, a nice cold beer and a big screen TV showing some NFL playoffs sound like a perfect Sunday afternoon to me!

By Steve Cylka.