Cherry Flavor Profile: Sweet, Mild, Fruity Food Smoke

Posted on: January 13, 2023

Cherry wood is a team player! What I mean by this is that it goes well with any kind of meat. If you are unsure of which wood flavor to choose for your next cookout, go with cherry – you can’t go wrong. Unlike heavy woods such as oak, which is only good with meats such as beef, cherry is super versatile; it can be used with all meats, from beef and pork to fish and chicken.

Established in the earlier paragraph, it’s true that cherry wood is great for smoking any type of meat. Commonly used on pork and beef, to change things up, you can occasionally mix it with oak flavors. The flavor cherry wood produces is light and sweet; delicate, but not overpowering. This makes cherry a good wood mix with others such as apple, oak or hickory. You can also use cherry wood for smoking chicken. Cherry can create a darker color for your bird when it’s smoked with cherry and the distinct light sweet flavor is unbeatable.

What Do Cherry Bisquettes Pair Well With?

Cherry is one of those hardwoods that people have familiarity with. They know it is a good smoking wood and tend to think it adds a “sweet” component to the smoked meats. Cherry bisquettes are no different as they are made of the highest quality cherry wood and impart pure smoke flavor.

Cherry wood is not only mild, but also fruity and sweet, and its taste is comparable to apple wood. It generally goes well with pork, but can also stand up to savoury woods such as hickory and mesquite.

Pro Tip: Be sure to use a meat probe when cooking with Cherry wood as this wood provides a reddish-pink hue to the meat that can easily be mistaken for under-cooked. Get in the habit of always using a quality thermometer when smoking so you never make the mistake of overcooking.

Here Are Our Favorite Cherry Bisquette Recipes:

Smoked Rosemary Lunch Meat Recipe

This Smoked Rosemary Lunch Meat is great for sandwiches, subs, etc.Smoke the meat using wood of choice. Alder, Cherry or Hickory will work fine.

Smokehouse Wings Recipe

Hands down, the BEST way to cook chicken wings. Dry rubbed, smoked to perfection, basted with a bourbon bbq sauce, then charred until crispy!

Smoked Scallop Martini Appetizer

An appetizer, but these Smoked Scallops can also be prepared as entrée dish by increasing the quantity of scallops and serving with an appropriate vegetable stir fry and rice pilaf.

Smoked Maple Garlic Pork Chops Recipe

This Smoked Maple Garlic Pork Chops are perfect for dinner time. Smoked at low temperature until tender and juicy, with a touch of maple syrup. Use Apple, Cherry or Hickory bisquettes.

Final Thoughts:

This type of wood is sweet, mild and very fruity depending on the age of the cherry wood; it gives light-colored meats a rosy appearance. Cherry is one of the most versatile wood for smoking, and while cherry can be used as a solo wood, they can also be combined with other woods to create a more unique blend of flavours. By using cherry, your family will not be able to get enough of the sweet and powerful taste of your smoked meat! Don’t forget to check out all the other cherry-related recipes we have on the Bradley Smoker Blog!