Can I Smoke Pre-Cooked Meats?

Posted on: January 17, 2023

Most meats are expensive, and there are times when we have so many leftovers after preparing one recipe’s worth of a meal. There are many ways to make these pre-cooked meats still delectable, like heating them in an oven or frying them in a pan. One popular way of cooking meat is food smoking. However, the question is, can it work with pre-cooked meats like ham and beef?

Smoking Meat

First, you enhance the flavor of meat by smoking it as it gives it a uniquely distinct flavor you can’t get from other cooking methods. Also, through food smoking, you improve the smell and appearance of the meat, preserve it, and make sure it’s safe for consumption.

Another great thing about food smoking is once you’ve done it to a dish, you don’t have to do much with it afterward. Smoked food is safe to eat without further cooking, although they are often reheated if not consumed in one sitting. The idea behind this, just like any type of food preparation, is that heated food releases maximum flavor. For example, you can eat hams as they are at any given time once smoked properly.

Smoking Pre-Cooked Meats

Smoking meat that has been already cooked is definitely doable and fine, so you don’t have to think too hard about food temperatures. In addition, food smoking, especially smaller portions of meat, saves you a lot of time as these have shorter cooking times. Another thing to note in smoking pre-cooked meat is making sure that it has not been smoked before to get its best possible flavor.

Some meats are easier to smoke and more fit for food smoking than others, so these meats, when pre-cooked, are also great for smoking. For beef, chuck roasts are the best as they’re smaller than a brisket, allowing smoky flavors to penetrate every inch of the meat. For poultry products, turkey works best for smoking as this meat is more tender and juicier when smoked than other bird meat.

Bradley Tips & Tricks

If you follow our tips & tricks on the suggested temperature for smoking, it will be easier to get the desired flavor for your pre-cooked meats. The average temperature begins from 225 °F (107 °C) for smoking pork and beef and may go up to 240 °F (115 °C), except for belly bacon. The suggested temperature for smoking belly bacon is less than 100 °F (38 °C) as this burns easily.

Many people often ask about the needed preparations before smoking food, and procedures vary for every type of meat. In most meat, to get the richest flavor out of every slice, brining is encouraged either through rubbing or dipping in solutions. For pre-cooked meat, though, you can simply put most meat directly into your Bradley Smoker without prior preparations since they already have their own flavors.

When smoking any type of meat, the kind of wood you will use affects the meat’s overall aroma and taste. That’s why, here at Bradley Smoker, using our Bradley Bisquettes that are available in many types of wood. The most used ones are cherry, hickory, and pecan. All of these Bradley Bisquettes will bring out the best in your meat, including pre-cooked ones.

Some people discourage smoking pre-cooked meat because, according to them, it makes the meat drier, especially with chicken meat. However, if done properly, you can still turn your excess food items into special dishes for your family to enjoy. Smoking is not only a fun and enjoyable way of cooking and preparing food, but it’s also one of your healthiest options.

Final Thoughts

Food smoking is an art that almost anyone can learn and play around with all kinds of meat. Pre-cooked meats don’t have to be dependent on the oven for re-cooking, as you can go to your Bradley Smoker. Most people love meat, and its benefits are undeniable, but its preparation is key to making it healthy and delicious.

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