5 Grilled Recipes To Try This Summer

Posted on: January 10, 2023

It’s time to fire up your grill and satisfy your sweet tooth. Nothing does that better than a warm, fruit-filled grilled dessert, topped with ice cream!

Here are five of the best grilled desserts out there to try this summer. They’re easy to make and fun to prepare with friends and family of all ages.

Grilled Pound Cake With Cherry Compote

One of the best things you can do with pound cake is slice it up and throw it on the grill. As a result, you have a thin, crispy layer on the outside and a soft, warm cake on the inside. Topped with a concoction of fresh cherry compote and a dollop of whipped cream, you’re in heaven. You won’t be able to make enough of these.

There’s no need to bake your own pound cake in the heat of the summer. Just pick one up from the local store. Check out the cherry compote recipe here.

Grilled Bread Pudding

You can cook just about anything on the grill with the help of a little tin foil. Besides, some things just taste better that way. For a slightly more filling dessert, try this grilled bread pudding recipe from Food Network. The preparation is quick and easy, and it feeds a group. When you’re done serving, discard the foil and cleanup’s a cinch.

Grilled Peaches & Berries

It won’t be long before peaches are in season, so bookmark this page! This grilled peaches ‘n’ berries recipe combines five ingredients to make it one of the sweetest and savory grilled desserts you’ve ever had. Halve the peaches and top with blueberry compote, or a mixture of fresh blueberries and brown sugar. Recipe details are outlined here. Peaches have never been so good!

Grilled Banana Boats

This recipe can’t possibly be a secret any more. Any s’mores fan has likely heard of these or tried them and for good reason. They’re fun to prepare, scrumptious and an excellent way to make use of leftover coals. It consists of cutting open a banana length-wise, stuffing it with your favorite fixings (mallows, brown sugar, chocolate chips, Nutella, etc.) and wrapping it in foil to put over hot coals, or inside a grill for about 8 minutes. More details including nutritional facts can be found here.

Grilled Red-Hot Apples

If you’re a sucker for cinnamon, then this recipe is right up your alley. Core an apple, fill with brown sugar and red-hot candies, wrap in aluminum and cook in grill during dinner (20-30 minutes). Top with vanilla ice cream and serve in a bowl. I’ll have some of that!

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