Smoked Ring Bologna Recipe

This is my favourite Smoked Ring Bologna Recipe. It’s a bit different from the others I have tried. But since people told me it was so good, I decided to share it. I use to call it “My Kinda Ring Bologna”

Note that celery powder is not ground celery seeds. I use dehydrated celery ground into powder, because it has flavour more like celery. For me the ground seeds can give a bitter taste.

I use 32mm hog casings. It’s important to heat your smoker to 160ºF because you’ll lose heat while loading. Then start increasing temperature gradually, according to the instructions. I applied 3 hours of Pecan and it turned out great.


4 Lb lean beef or venison

1 Lb pork butt

1 Cup distilled ice water

1 Cup nonfat dry milk, fluff and spoon in measuring cup, then swipe with a butter knife

¼ Cup + 2 tbsp packed brown sugar

2 Tbsp + 2 tsp ground coriander

1 Tbsp + 1½ tsp pickling salt

1 Tbsp + 2 tsp coarse ground black pepper

1 Tbsp granulated garlic

1 ½ Tsp ground celery, the dehydrated kind

1 Tsp cure #1


Slice meat into strips that will fit down the throat of your grinder and partially freeze.

Mix all dry ingredients in ice water till dissolved, and place in the fridge.

Rinse and soak casings in warm water with a splash of vinegar, and set aside.

Grind partially frozen meat through 6mm plate.

Mix in seasonings till sticky. Load the stuffer.

Cut hog casings 22″ long, slide casing on ¾″ stuffer horn, tie a knot 2″ from the end.

Stuff till 2″ from the other end, twist and tie the casing. Then tie the loose ends together and hang them on smoke sticks.

Hang at room temp till casings are dry.

Warm up the smoker to 160ºF, you will lose a lot of heat while loading. This way everything in the smoker has more carry-over heat.

Put sausage in the smoker, turn smoker temp down to 110ºF, vent wide open.

One hour later, start smoke and raise temp to 120ºF. I did 3-hour Pecan on these.

One hour later, raise the temp to 130ºF.

One hour later raise temp to 140ºF.

After the smoke is done, dump and refill the water pan with HOT water and raise the temp to 150ºF.

One hour later raise the temp to 160ºF.

One hour later raise temp to 170ºF and keep it there till the IT of the sausage hits 152ºF.

Remove and cool in an ice water bath till IT is brought down to 100ºF.

Hang at room temp to drip dry and bloom.


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