How to make smoked scallops

In this video, Joe smokes some sea scallops, the adductor muscle of this type of shellfish.


Frozen scallops

For the brine:

60 grams salt

1 liter of water

For the sauce:




In a container, add 60 grams of salt into 1 liter of water.

Transfer the salt and water mixture into a bigger bowl and add in your frozen scallops.

Preheat your Bradley smoker for 1 hour and 40 minutes with 64 F (18 C). *Make sure your smoker is on smoke only, no heat*

Place your scallops on a rack, and slide them into your Bradley smoker.

After 45 minutes, take the scallops out of the smoker and dry them out. Proceed to add a little oil on a frying pan and once the oil is hot enough, add in your scallops.

Make sure to flip your scallops once you see the bottom of the scallops turning a bit brown.

Once your scallops look golden-brown on both sides, take them out, and put them on a plate.

For your garlic and butter sauce, melt a stick of butter on a frying pan, crush your garlic and put the garlic into the melted butter in the pan.

Drizzle half of a lemon on top of the scallops and add your garlic and butter sauce, enjoy!

Recipe by: Smokin’ with Joe


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