When to Go Simple: The Best Cuts of Meat to Use Only Salt and Pepper

Posted on: January 16, 2023

Curing or marination seems an inseparable part of food smoking or grilling. We agree it adds more flavors to the meat, but the process is time-consuming. The good news is you have an option to skip this part. The trick lies in cooking the best cuts of meat that are naturally tender and flavorful. With these cuts, you can get absolutely delectable results by using just a salt and pepper rub.

Best meat cuts for simple salt & pepper rub

Here is a list of some premium meat cuts that don’t require additional seasoning or flavoring.

#1. Top Sirloin Cap

This is a rare cut that is usually sectioned out into steaks. It forms the triangular part of the muscle above the top Sirloin. This cut is lean and naturally flavorful. It doesn’t require much seasoning. It cooks faster so the meat doesn’t lose much moisture while smoking. Here is a recipe for this cut.

#2. Tenderloin or Eye Fillet

This forms the strip of muscle attached to the backbone of the beast. It is a non-working muscle, so it is naturally tender. This lean muscle cut is often considered one of the most expensive cuts for steaks. Here is a recipe for this cut.

#3. Ribeye

Ribeye is every steak lover’s delight. It is naturally flavorful due to rich marbling. As the name suggests, ribeye forms the rib section of the animal. The rib muscles are removed after the cut is made to get that perfect marbled steak. Here is a recipe for this cut.

#4. Sirloin or Porterhouse

Sirloin forms the hindquarter of the animal. The muscle is naturally tender, juicy, and flavorful. It is a slightly leaner muscle so doesn’t require prolonged cooking. The muscle preserves its tenderness after barbequeing. Here is a recipe for this cut.

#5. T-Bone

This cut gives you the best of both worlds that are eye fillet and strip loin. T-bone contains both on each side making it a perfect choice for steak lovers. The cut combines the tenderness of the fillet and the flavorful juiciness of the strip loin. You can use this cut to get the best steak with little to no effort at all. Here is a recipe for this cut.

#6. Onglet

This cut comes from the lower belly area of the animal. It is the part that hangs from the diaphragm. This is also called the butcher’s cut because it requires some skill to get that cut. The muscle is rich in beefy flavor and is naturally tender. The onglet does not need much pampering, only salt and pepper can do wonders to this cut.

#7 Shank

The shank is the leg of the cow and is one of the toughest meats. This is because the leg muscle is constantly used, creating a tough, sinewy cut. Therefore, it is one of the less popular, but also one of the cheapest. Use salt, ground black pepper, and olive oil to get the best of marinating shanks.

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