How to Fix Bradley Bisquettes Not Burning Completely

Posted on: January 12, 2023

In this troubleshooting guide, we’ll fix your problem of the Bradley Bisquettes not burning completely Burning in the pipe on your next backyard cookout!

This guide is perfect for the Bradley models: BS611, BS815XLT, BTDS76P, BTDS108P, BS916

Reasons for this Problem

There are several reasons that causes bisquettes to not fully burn. The most common causes are the moisture content of the bisquettes, a colder cabinet than usual such as using the cold smoke method and/or colder air temperatures, and/or a dirty heating pad.

Furthermore, rainy conditions may have increased the moisture content of the bisquettes. The higher the moisture content, the poorer they will burn. While in storage, keep them in a moisture-proof container.

For example, during the smoking process of salmon or sausage.

Pro Tip: You can use vacuum sealed containers for bisquettes as a long term solution for rainy conditions.

Types of Wood

Other factors are the type of wood you are using as some types seem to burn better than others. Sometimes customers get a batch of bisquettes that are more compressed than others.

For example, one batch of bisquettes that are light to the feel and flakey. While others seem more dense (compressed harder together), and don’t flake as much or not at all. The denser ones don’t burn as completely! At Bradley’s we pride ourselves in consistent quality that you can taste.

If you experience any quality issues with your bisquettes, please do not hesistate to contact us here.

A less common issue is that your bisquette burner may be faulty. If you have an infrared thermometer, check the temperature of the burner surface after it has heated up. It should register around 400°F - 550°F.

The Technicals

The bisquette burner performs best at 120v. It could be that the power grid supplies less than that. Avoid using extension cords, unless they are 14-12 ga. cords. Power may be lost when smaller cords are used.

Also, make sure your bisquette burner is clean and your bisquette makes a full contact when it’s been pushed onto it. Full contact with the heater provides the best heat transfer.

The bisquette burner either works or doesn’t. There is nothing in between. Also, as the system warms up, it could be that the very first 1-2 pucks won’t burn completely. After reaching the maximum operating temperature, it will provide you with the full smoke you need.

Bisquettes have been designed to be 16-17 grams in weight. Sometimes, depending on wood density (hardwoods like apple or mesquite), the bisquettes are slightly heavier, 18-20 grams.

Typically, you always will get your 16 grams worth of smoke!

We hope these tips help to you fix your problem of Bradley bisquettes not burning completely!

We wish you a happy smoking experience. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us here