How to Buy a BBQ Smoker: All You Need to Consider

Posted on: January 18, 2023

Some things in life are rewarding and therapeutic at the same time. One of these activities can involve barbecuing and smoking. Some of us love to host our families and friends and treat them to a well-smoked meal.

Nowadays, smokers are preferred and used by many to avoid mistakes and save time. These machines can be helpful and prepare delicious food while socializing and enjoying a dinner party.

So if you’re looking to buy a BBQ smoker, here are a few things you should consider.


Indulging in a practice like meat smoking can be a hobby or an interest for many. But it can come with a major risk if correct measures are not taken. Especially if you live with young children and pets, safety should be your first priority. Knowing how the parts of the smoker will react in different weather is crucial.

In addition to that, the smoker should also be heat safe. While smoking your meat, you want to avoid mishaps or accidents. You should also make sure that the handles are made with stainless steel so they release heat easily and remain cool.


The durability and sustainability of any tool or machine are essential to know before investing your money in it. What material a smoker is made of and how well it’s made are fair questions to ask before buying one. Ensuring the sturdiness of each part and knowing the pressure the smoker can handle is also important to know.

Along with that, the paint used on the smoker should be waterproof and rustproof. This will increase the life of your smoker drastically. Plastic should be avoided as it doesn’t do well with heat and is known for its poor durability.

Temperature Control

How well the temperature can be controlled is make or break. You shouldn’t compromise in this regard since smoking is directly related to this feature of the smoker. Having the ability to switch temperatures and regulate heat is a must, especially if you like to smoke various kinds of meats.

A smoker with a basic thermostat might be able to get the job done, but a digital display is always preferred. This is easier to control and check on the meat. The reliability of the thermostat is equally crucial and plays a vital role in temperature control.


If you’re investing in a smoker, buying a spacious one is your best bet since they are expected to last longer. If you’re someone who prefers hosting people now and then, deciding between a bigger or smaller smoker shouldn’t be a problem.

Having more storage space and width will allow you to smoke larger cuts of meat or ribs without any hesitation or worry. The usual drill of chopping up meat before smoking can be skipped. This will help you achieve the perfect flavor that you’re aiming for. Overcooking the edges can also be avoided since your smoker offers more space.


Picking a smoker with the right design and look is important as well. Falling for a more sleek and aesthetic-looking smoker is a mistake you should avoid. These smokers might look modern and suit your backyard very well, but they will be disappointed when it comes to handling pressure.

Most heavy-duty smokers might look ugly and have an intimidating design, but their performance will be impressive. However, if you’re someone who only likes smoking once in a while and for fewer people, a sleeker and smaller one might suit your needs better.


Owning a smoker that’s easier to clean is a blessing. Some might ignore this factor but keeping your smoker clean is a necessity. If your smoker is dirty for too long, it will produce stale smoke. This will not only turn your meat black but can also prove to be extremely harmful to your health.

To avoid bacteria, make sure you scrub it with soap and water. This can be done easily if the stainless steel is the dominant material used to make this smoker. Getting rid of the ash and its ability to handle some water pressure while cleaning should also be analyzed before bringing a new smoker home.


Whether you prefer smoking your meat occasionally or consider yourself a barbecue enthusiast, buying the right smoker is very important. Considering a few of these factors will help you make the right call and provide you with important and correct information.

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Owning a smoker can be a blessing, but dealing with a smoker that causes a nuisance can very often be a pain. For more tips and smoking recipes, visit Bradley Smokers.