Step Up Your Food Smoking Game with the Original Bradley Smoker

Posted on: January 12, 2023

Step up your food smoking game with the Original Bradley Smoker by experiencing our specialized technology. This smoking method offers extra versatility and control which results in precise cooking and consistent smoke flavor.

The Bradley Original Smoker takes guessing out of smoking with accurate temperature control and automatic fuel feed. This allows the unit to smoke for up to 8 hours with no refilling.

The original smoker is thermostatically controlled and performs in both hot and cold smoke. Smoke is created by burning wood disks that are combined with the unit by a controlled mechanism. You receive as much or as little smoke as you want. You no longer have to tend to any fire. In fact, once it is set you can forget it until it’s time to feast!


At a glance

Here are the specs at a glance:

  • Insulated stainless steel interior
  • 76L or 108L of internal smoking space
  • 500-watt cooking element and 125-watt smoker element
  • An automatic wood bisquette feeder system
  • Automatic smoke generator, for up to 8 hours with no refilling
  • Simple to use temperature controls
  • Separate generator and oven burners
  • Available with 4 and 6 adjustable racks
  • Can hot- and cold-smoke as well as roast and dry foods
  • 1-year warranty from date of purchase

Bradley Original Smoker, available in 4-Rack and 6-Rack sizes

In detail

This Original Bradley Smoker automatically smokes at temperatures up to 138°C (280°F). It’s self-loading with one bisquette every 20 minutes. The flavoured bisquette emits continuous smoke and extinguish automatically.

The foam-insulated double-walled cabinet has a built-in thermometer and includes 4 or 6 roomy stainless steel racks. The cabinet heating elements and smoke-generating elements are controlled independently. The internal cooking area of 2.68sq. ft (4-Rack) and 3.81sq. ft (6-Rack) and is fully electric.

What to use the Original Smoker For

Bradley’s Original Smoker is perfect for smoking beef brisket, pork shoulders, and ribs. It’s ability to be a versatile smoker gives you the ability to smoke foods with cold (with cold smoke adapter) or hot smoking. As a result, it creates the perfect environment for slow, low-temperature roasting.

The smoker features a durable steel exterior with a tough powder epoxy finish and a polished stainless steel interior to give you years of top smoking performance.

In addition to making barbecue, you can use your Bradley Smoker to cold smoke fish, like devilishly delicious smoked salmon. You can also use it as a food dehydrator to make great jerky or dried fruit. You’ll need to clean it out well, especially after the fish, but the stainless steel interior makes that pretty easy.

Final Thoughts

With a bit of knowledge and experience under your belt of how the process works, you should experiment with new flavours and recipes with the Bradley smoker.

Buy your own Bradley Original Smoker on our website today to start smoking your favorite recipes!

Happy Smoking!